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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life is too Short to Drink Bad Wine

If you’re looking to beef up your wine shelf with some good quality wines, but not spend a fortune, you’re in luck.

RueLaLa is having a sale today (closes at 10am tomorrow morning PST) on a selection of DeLille wines. These Washington wines come in sets of three (three Chaleur Estate Blancs, three Sryahs, or a mix) and are around 40% - 50% off.

If you’re like me you save the ‘nice’ wines for 'nice' occasions (i.e. they sit on your shelf forever to show off what great taste in wine you have.) Unless of course your significant other comes back from the bars late with his friends and ‘accidentally’ opens up a $30 bottle of wine when their taste buds are already so obliterated from Bud Light that they could be drinking Franz and think its good. But either way it feels good to have some good stuff on the shelf.

However, if you’re the type of person who is fine with a $4.99 vat of Livy, and just looking to get trashed: maybe buy the set as a gift for a friend or newly married couple? You’ll make your friends question their original judgment of your drinking habits and think you a more refined person (ha you tricked them!)

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