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Monday, March 15, 2010


Hi All -

We have been movin on up (toooo the eastside!) and now have our page on WordPress. If you want to continue to follow us to learn about new discounts and locations for your drunken fattening escapades use the below website address:



Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Hour Pre-Game

So, say you're heading downtown to see the PAC-10 Tourney tonight and you want to go out to eat before the game - but you just don't want to spend a fortune. In the past your options within walking distance of Staples were pretty limited and pretty expensive (The Palm, Engine Co 28, etc...)

But thanks to the wonderfulness that is LA Live you've now got more options to stuff your face and damage your liver before the game.

Granted, most of these places are pretty pricey during normal L.A. dinner time (7/8pm), BUT you and your amigos have gotta eat early anyway (since the game starts at 8pm) so YOU, my friend, can take advantage of Happy Hour pricing. And, as we know with LALive/Staples, saving every penny counts when you know you're in it for $20 parking and a $10 beer inside the arena.

Below is a list of Happy Hours at LALive - so you can get nicely full and toasted before you head over to Staples. The pre-game drinking will definitely make you a better fan, and if you're a Trojan - the drinking will make you a better heckler for those damned Bruins... 

THE FARM (M-F, 4 - 7pm)
Daily Drink Specials During Happy Hour
* M:$5 Martinis
* T:$4 Specialty Cocktails
* W:$3 House Wine
* TH: $2 Well Drinks
* F: $1 PBR

ROCK'N FISH (M-F, 3 – 6pm & 9pm - Close)
* $5 Cocktails
* $5 Wines
* $2-OFF Draughts
* $5-OFF  Select menu of Appetizers

YARDHOUSE (M-F, 3 - 6pm / Sun - Wed, 10pm - Close)
*  $3.50 Domestic Pints, $4.00 Craft/Import Pints, $4.50 Goblets
* $4.25 Well Drinks
* $5.75 House Martinis
* $2.00-off Wine by the Glass
* Select half-priced appetizers and pizzas
* $6.50 Sliders

ESPN ZONE (M-F, 4 - 7pm)
* Free Appetizers with Full-Priced Beverage Purchase (At select bars within ESPNZone)
* 1/2 Priced Appetizers (at all other bars within ESPNZone)

FLEMMING'S (M-Sun, 4 - 6pm)
“5-6-7” Bar Menu
* $6 Premium Cocktails (Five Options to Chose From)
* $6 $6 Appetizers 
* $6 Premium Bacon Burger
* $3 Stella Artois Lager

ROSA MEXICANO (M-F, 5 - 6:30pm)
* $5 Beers
* $5 Margaritas
* 1/2 Off Select Appetizers

KATSUYA (M-F, 4 - 5pm)
Special Happy Hour Menu at Bar Only
* $7 Cocktails
* $5 Hot Sake Carafe
* $5 Well Drinks
* $5 Rolls, Sushi, Rock Shrimp Tempura, and Crispy Rice

TRADER VIC'S (M-F, 3 - 6pm)
* $3-Off over 70 world famous cocktails
* $4 Beers
* $5 Ocean Vodka, Bacardi Rum
* $5 Select wines
* $5 Food Items


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

High End Happy Hour

If you feel like swanking it up this week, check out the happy hour specials at Nobu on La Cienega.  Nobu's miso cod is probably one of my favorite dishes and to be able to get it at a discount makes it that much better. AND, the Nobu happy hour is offered from 6p-9p so no driving like a maniac in LA traffic just to make it there in time!

Here are the details - $6 wine, $7 mixed drinks and $10 speciality cocktails.  Plus a fairly decent sized list of cold and hot plates for anywhere between $7 and $12.  My picks (besides the miso cod of course): rock shrimp tempura, waygu tacos, and yellowfin tuna tataki.  A good place to head with a small group and share an assortment of plates.

The happy hour is only in the bar/lounge area up front but there are a good number of little lounge tables and I have never seen this happy hour super packes so seating shouldn't be a problem.  It is definitely not the cheapest happy hour around but for great quality food and swanky decor, it is a pretty good deal.

Also a great place to star watch if you are as celeb-obsessed as I am, I think I have seen a celebrity everytime I have been to this place.

Nobu. 930 N La Cienega.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Come Join Us!

Always wanted to meet V&K but can never seem to track down where we’ll be on any given night? (We like to stay mysterious like that…)

Or maybe you already know us, and thus know we are incredibly fun to drink with and that any night out with us is bound to be an adventure…

Either way: come drink with us tomorrow, we’ll be at EAST in Hollywood for their big ‘ol Socialite Happy Hour party!

We went here once before for a girl’s night/dinner, and while the normal menu wasn’t terribly overpriced, we are 10x as excited to return now that we know about their happy hour specials.

Here’s the details: 

(eerily similar name to the Street happy hour…)
$5 Valet Parking
$6 Specialty Drinks
$7 Menu Items
Nightly, 5pm – 8pm

Gotta love that Happy Hour lasts ‘til 8pm. Late happy hours mean we don’t have to leave early from work (thus making less money) just so we can save money on our drinking and eating habits.

If you do decide to join us in tomorrow night’s debauchery here’s a little tip: check out for a special discount coupon on drinks at EAST. Just $7 will get you $15 dollas worth of drinks tomorrow night. 

If you can’t make it tomorrow, don’t worry, you can still use the discount coupon all the way up to Mar. 10th 2011. But we gotta warn you - it won’t be as fun without us…

To all creepsters and stalkers: please disregard this invitation. We don’t want to  meet you. Please stay away. We tend to travel with a large entourage of really strong dudes who will beat you up at our beck and call... well maybe they arn't really strong.. but they are definitely dudes... we think...

I'll Have One of Everything!

Tapas are one of the best food concepts in the world. 

Tons of little plates of food, enabling one to sample a breadth of options from the chef – genius.
The Spaniards sure are smart (dude, they get to take siestas every day!)

When we feel like enjoying this smorgasbord of eats we like to hit up Tasca on 3rd street. Yes, this place isn’t cheap, however there’s a pricing loophole that we like to take advantage of and it's called Happy Hour (duh.)

Tapas at Tasca are usually around $6 - $16 per plate (with full sized entrees available for around $25/ea), but during Happy Hour there is a special menu of dishes and drinks from $2.50 - $5.00/ea (including $3 Sangria – Yum!)

Best part of all this: Tasca serves their Happy Hour menu ALL NIGHT on Mondays.... I.E. Tonight... I.E. Call right now and make a reservation so you can enjoy this delicious, and discounted, food with some delicious, and discounted, wine or sangria.

Quick note: some friends went here on a rainy night last month and apparently Happy Hour is only available at the bar and on the patio – but if its raining, Happy Hour is JUST at the bar. Our recommendation: wait ‘til the weather is nice (like today) so you can ensure yourself a Happy Hour seat.

8108 W. 3rd Street

Happy Hour: 
Monday: 5:30pm - 10:30pm
Tuesday - Friday 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Parking: Valet or 3rd Street Meters

Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Feature: Bottomless Mimosa Guide

BoHo BoHo a pirate's life for me....

I don't know, I thought that subtitle makes sense? And I have been yearning to go to Disneyland lately... did you know Captian EO is back? ANYWAYS, Friday again, time for another bottomless mimosa spot!

To be honest, I really thought I would run out of mimosa picks sometime around... now, but luckily some new places are popping up on the radar.  This week's bottomless pick: BoHo.

BoHo is located in Hollywood next to the Arclight so it is the perfect place to start a lazy Sunday and then head over to catch a movie in the Dome. But don't get too drunk or you will fall asleep - especially if you go see the never-ending Shutter Island - and your $16 movie ticket will be a waste. 

BoHo is a fairly new gastropub, and on Sundays from 11:30a-3p, they have bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys, screwdrivers and raspberry sunrises (not sure what this is but sounds delicious) all for $14 with the purchase of an entree.

The brunch menu is pretty standard: I would go for the huevos rancheros. Plus they also have their pizzas available during brunch-time (Kalbi pizza with korean bbq ribs? Not sure if I can stomach that on a Sunday morning but sounds tasty).

BoHo. 6372 W Sunset Blvd. (323) 465-8500.

More Oscar Parties for Common-Folk

Want more Oscar Viewing Party options? Well here are a few more options around town for this Sunday’s award ceremony: 

*Katsuya (Brentwood, LA Live, Hollywood, Glendale): 10% off on to-go and catering orders

*Oak Fire Pizza (WeHo, 4pm – Close): Viewing Party + Drink Specials + Food Specials + Contests + Prizes
 *Hotel Casa Del Mar (Santa Monica, 4pm): Viewing Party + Oscar Themed Cocktails + Contests + Prizes

*Rush Street (Culver City, 4pm): Viewing Party + Movie Themed Karaoke Part 
 *Pourtal Wine Bar (SaMo): Viewing Party + 3-Course Oscar Themed Tasting Menu
 *Ketchup (WeHo): 1/2 off dinner bill + 1/2 off Glasses of Champagne
 *Taix (Echo Park): Viewing Party + Drink Specials + Food Specials


Thursday, March 4, 2010


Never before have we seen such a generous Happy Hour offer on wine as this one. We feel spoiled by the opportunity to purchase $4.50 wine at Oak Fire, and gleeful when we learned of $4 wine at The Upper West, but nothing tops this one:

Starting tonight, Fraiche in Santa Monica introduces their Lounge Series. For one short hour, from 6:30pm-7:30pm, Fraiche will ‘pump up the vibe’ (my phrase, not theirs) with a live DJ while offering $1 drafts and $1 glasses of Red or White Bordeaux. Yes, ONE DOLLAR.

Holy crap I just fainted.

On top of their Lounge Series, Fraiche also offers a ‘Gourmet Hour’ from 5:30pm – 6:30pm. The Gourmet Hour menu includes tastey food items (like $5 Meatball Sliders, $4 Arancini),  as well as $4 Cocktails, $4 Wine, and $3 Beers.

So basically you should show up at 5:30pm to drink and eat for cheap-ish, and then continue to drink for NEXT TO FREE from 6:30-7:30pm while you listen to some ‘hot beats’ (again my phrase, not theirs.)

Pretty sure you could leave spending less than $20 and still consume TONS of wine.

Fraiche - Santa Monica
312 Wilshire Blvd
Gourmet Hour (Mon-Sun): 5:30pm-6:30pm
Lounge Series: 6:30pm-7:30pm

Note: Gourmet Hour also available, Mon- Sun, at Fraiche Culver City

Drinking with Oscar

We basically create a drinking game for every television show. Always Sunny makes it far too easy, 90210 is an old classic, and this Sunday we will be playing ‘Drinking with Oscar.’ 

Drinking with Oscar is a two part drinking game.

Part I: Pick the Winner
Each participant selects who they believe will win for each category (less popular categories like audio/costume/documentary INCLUDED). If you guess wrong – you drink.

Part II: Pick an Actor
Each participant selects one nominated actor. Each time that actor is shown on screen during the Oscars – you drink.

Bonus Actor: each participant selects a second actor – this one must be an actor who is NOT NOMINATED, but who is typically an Oscar staple (Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, Dame Judy, Etc…) Drink every time that actor is on screen (if you do pick Jack you’re in trouble…)

I’m sure you can guess how the night turns out after this game… hardly Sunday/Monday morning friendly.

But if you want to drink in a more civilized/less-fratty environment check out the Oscar party at East/West happening this Sunday. The party benefits Haiti Relief Efforts and OTF and includes drink specials, D-Level celeb appearances, and a raffle. Buy tickets online in advance to ensure entrance + a swag bag!

801 Larrabee Street
West Hollywood, CA
Sunday, March 7th, 3pm – 9pm
For $10 Pre-Sale Tix:

Parking Note: Check out this link for street closures before you head out so you have the best route and parking plan  

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hump Day Steak Special!

BLT Birthday Event

Love steak and looking for something to do tonight? Head to BLT on Sunset (how very swank of you), to join in their birthday celebration!

Tonight, in honor of the birthday/anniversary of the original BLT in NY, the steakhouse has amazing deals on drinks, sides, dessert, and most importantly on their steaks.  Cocktails/sides/dessert are all $3.03 and steaks/entrees are $33.03.  Now that if that isn't a finer thing deal then I don't know what is.

According to the restaurant reservations are HIGHLY recommended so make your call now.

And if you can't make it tonight, BLT also has a great happy hour nightly from 5-7pm featuring $5 cocktails, appetizers, beer and wine.

BLT Steak. 8720 Sunset Boulevard. (310) 360-1950.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Addiction: Burgers & Beers

It’s sad when you live in a city where $20 for a burger and a beer is a deal. But, alas, in LA everything is expensive and the $20 seems well worth it for the deliciousness of red meat + suds.

When we're craving this ultimate combo we head to our favorite neighborhood burger + beer joint: The Golden State. 

(Photo from LA Weekly)

The Golden State burger (which Jonathan Gold from LA Weekly deems one of the best in LA) is absolutely delicious. The burger comes with your choice of side (the sweet potato fries with curry ketchup are a must), and to compliment your burger Golden State has a great menu of beers from Cali. If you’re feelin' a jones for something sweet you can add a scoop of gelato to your beer for a strange, but tastey, combo called the beer float. Note: Golden State is itty bitty in size and doesn't have reserved tables (its a seat yourself type spot) so don't show up with a giant party.

Golden State Burger: $10 + Tastey Beer: $5-$7 = Under $20 = Score.

But if you live Downtown there’s an even cheaper burger+beer spot. This place not only serves you a burger+beer for under $20, but goes even further to offer a burger + PITCHER OF BEER for under $10. 

The spot? Carl’s Jr. 

Carl’s has sneakily operated three select locations in Downtown LA that serve beer for years now. For just $6.50 Carl's will serve you a pitcher of Bud Light along with your $2.50 Hot Carl Big Carl Burger. 

Granted the burger is not nearly as good as the one at Golden State, but hey – it’s a cheap fix for a constant craving (what? You don’t crave burgers and beers every day?.... Well we do.)

Either way you now have burger+beer options under $20 bucks in LA. We'll probably stick with Golden State for dinner, but Carl's+Beer might be the perfect fourth meal after a night out in Downtown.
426 N. Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Open:  Tue. - Sun. (12pm - 10pm)

Carl's Jrs that serve beer (Downtown Only):
* Macy's Plaza on 7th & Flower
* California Mart at Main & Olympic
* Citigroup Plaza at 5th & Flower

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Dollar Dogs!

It's Monday again, back to the grind, but it's ok because at least there are great deals to score some cheap eats around town.  Tonight's deal to check out is at The Stand.

The Stand has a few locations around town - Westwood, Century City, Encino and Woodland Hills.  Every Monday from 5pm-closing, The Stand has dollar hot dogs (yes, $1!!).  The basic dogs are $1 and loaded up dogs are still a steal at $2.50. I think that is even less than those bacon wrapped street dogs that you shove in your face at 3am on Hollywood Blvd.

The only catch is you must sign up to become a card member on their website to take advantage of the deal. It's super easy to do and you become a member instantly. It is a loyalty program and doesn't require any payment (think of it like a Ralphs club card).  In addition to the Monday night deals, being a cardmember also gets you beer and wine specials and members only coupons delivered to your inbox.

Don't let the name fool you either, the locations are not actual hot dogs stands, they do have plenty of seating.

For locations and more info: