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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

High End Happy Hour

If you feel like swanking it up this week, check out the happy hour specials at Nobu on La Cienega.  Nobu's miso cod is probably one of my favorite dishes and to be able to get it at a discount makes it that much better. AND, the Nobu happy hour is offered from 6p-9p so no driving like a maniac in LA traffic just to make it there in time!

Here are the details - $6 wine, $7 mixed drinks and $10 speciality cocktails.  Plus a fairly decent sized list of cold and hot plates for anywhere between $7 and $12.  My picks (besides the miso cod of course): rock shrimp tempura, waygu tacos, and yellowfin tuna tataki.  A good place to head with a small group and share an assortment of plates.

The happy hour is only in the bar/lounge area up front but there are a good number of little lounge tables and I have never seen this happy hour super packes so seating shouldn't be a problem.  It is definitely not the cheapest happy hour around but for great quality food and swanky decor, it is a pretty good deal.

Also a great place to star watch if you are as celeb-obsessed as I am, I think I have seen a celebrity everytime I have been to this place.

Nobu. 930 N La Cienega.

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