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Friday, January 29, 2010

Beans Beans the Musical Fruit...

Back in high school in Seattle my friends called me Soup Whore. A strange nickname, yes. However, at the time it made sense (kinda...) as I had a serious addiction to a local food spot named City Soups (... as well as a not-so-serious crush on the guy who owned it.)

Mostly I loved their vegetarian chili. It was delicious: just the right ratio of beans to veggies - so good I never even missed the meat.  (insert dirty joke here)

I've always wished there were a nice 'soup kitchen' spot in LA like City Soups but I never imagined there was much of a market for it due to the perpetually nice weather (save for last week's rainy adventure.)

Well it appears my prayers were answered... and yes, these are the sort of trivial things I pray for (great use of the system I'm sure):
408 N. La Cienega Boulevard
Opening Soon!

This spot isn't entirely new to the LA scene - they've operated stands at the Hollywood Farmer's Market on the weekends for some time now. However, this is their first store-front /dine-in  establishment.

Word is that Chili Addition will offer over 70 varities of chili, including 10 vegas varieties, plus a variety of home made sausages and hot dogs you can sauce up with the beany good stuff.
Bonus for my laziness: they will deliver!

Soft opening is this weekend with a grand opening coming in the next couple weeks.

(Just remember to bring your Beano!) 

Friday Feature: Bottomless Mimosa Guide

Now we sip champagne when we biggie.  TGIF, time for your weekly bottomless mimosa guide!

This week's pick is truly a "finer" thing of LA: Catch @ Casa del Mar in Santa Monica.  If you haven't been there before, Catch is a classy place with amazing views of the ocean/pier and swanky decor.

On Sundays, Catch has a "Bubbly Brunch", which is $29/person for a 3 course brunch + $8.99 for bottomless mimosas (or bottomless bloody marys - but honestly, how many bloody marys can one person drink).

Brunch runs from 11a-3p, and the menu features breakfast treats like lemon ricotta pancakes and country french toast as well as heartier choices - king salmon, dry aged hamburger, steak frites.  There is also a dessert buffet and live entertainment.  Seems like a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

And if you can still walk straight after your bottomless mimosas and the weather is nice, you can rent bikes on the boardwalk and bike between SM and Venice and stop at bars along the way (a favorite activity of ours).  If you get lucky you might even find some nice puppies to adopt during your ride as well.

Have a good weekend and let the boozing begin! V & K

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Me not *take* cookies, me *eat* the cookies.

(That's a Cookie Monster quote for those of you not well versed in Sesame Street)

Anywaaaaaaays, this weekend there is another great event to participate in to help with relief in Haiti.  On Sunday from 2-5pm, Scoops in Hollywood is hosting a bake sale, Cookies without Borders. 

Everyone loves cookies and 100 percent of the money made will be donated to Doctors without Borders so there is no reason not to stop by!  There will be sweets to eat from bakeries around town as well as homemade baked goods and homemade jam.

The No Cookie Left Behind organization is hosting the bake sale, you can contact them if you would like to donate baked goods or volunteer your time to help during the event.

Scoops. 712 N Heliotrope.

Whats Up in the Hood - Downtown Edition

Back in the good 'ol USC days we lived Downtown... and we hated living there. There was no close grocery store, only a handful of decent bars and restaurants, and we felt so alienated from all the 'cool' people on the west side.

Since then Downtown is like a whole new world (cue flying carpet + Aladdin + Jasmine). There's a snazzy Ralphs, LALive, inhabitants other than USC & FIDM students, and tons of great restaurants and bars seem to be opening every day.

Here's the low down on a few new spots that are coming to Downtown this year (writing low-down makes me feel like a gangsta):

* FIRST & HOPE (710 W. 1st Sreet), Opening March/April 2010.
Arc Deco Styled 1940s Supper Club with Old Fashioned Drinks

* BIG WANGS DOWNTOWN (8th and Grand), Opening Soon.
Same cheezy bar as in Hollywood.

* LOFT BAR (451 S. Main Street), Opening May/June 2010.
Huge 6277 sq ft. pool hall and bar, full liquor.

* LAS PERLAS (103 E. 6th Street), Opening Mid February 2010
Tequila, Mezcal, and Mexican Cerveza Bar

* LAZY OX CANTEEN (241 S. Pedro Street), Opened Dec. 2009
Little Tokyo 'Casual Dining Spot', everything under $25, Wine/Beer.

Drink Up Downtown.

Deal Alert!

A few deals to start your day off right:

* GROUPON: One dozen chocolate dipped strawberries from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, $18 (Normally $36)
Not a Groupon Member Yet? Sign up!

* BLACKBOARD EATS: Coupon code for 30% off at Provecho, 800 Wilshire Blvd (Downtown).  
Valid today through Feb 27th; Maximum party size of 6; dine-in only; excludes other specials or prix fixe menus; not valid on Valentine's Day.
Not a Blackboard Eats member yet? Sign up!

* GOLDSTAR: Little Tokyo Food Tours from Six Taste, $33 (Normally $55.)  
Valid Saturday, January 30th and Sunday, January 31st. Check availability online when purchasing.
Not a Goldstar member yet? Sign up! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gimme Some Dim Sum

I’ve wanted to try the lunch specials at Joss Cuisine in Beverly Hills for some time now but I’m rarely around Beverly Hills during lunchtime. Unfortunately I’m imprisoned daily in the Pacific Palisades where food options are few and those that are good are pricey.

Well I lucked out last Friday when I was able to escape my prison by the sea (I had the day off) and FINALLY try out Joss’s lunch specials.

Here’s the scoop: Joss Cuisine has two lunch deals and here’s what they come with:

Special 1: $11, Mu Shu Crepes Plate with Dim Sum Trio:
·      Soup or Salad
·      Three (3) Pieces of Dim Sum
·      Three Mu Shu Crepes (your choice of chicken, pork, shrimp, or veggie stuffing)

Special 2: $15, Joss’s Lunch Plate with Dim Sum Trio:
·      Soup or Salad
·      Five (5) Pieces of Dim Sum
·      One full sized entrée of your choice

My party of three all went with the $15 option.  As you can see from my expert photography the soup/salad its full-on Wonton shrimp soup or Chinese chicken salad. The dim sum was delicious (though I did miss the rad little cart I’m used to from China-Town dim sum experiences), and the main entrée was a full sized entrée. 

As far as value is concerned: normally the entrees run $15 - $20 per item, the soup is normally $7.50, and I have no idea how much the dim sum is since from what I saw I believe it’s a lunch special only. Either way you are already stealing from this place by ordering this menu option. 

The option we went with ended up being too much food for me – so next time I’ll go for the Mu Shu crepes special. But either way I’m coming back for some more over weekend or the next time I escape the Palisades.

Joss Cusine
9919 Santa Monica Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Hump Day Specials!

Burger Bargains

TGIW? Just 2 more days left until Friday...and 6 more days left until the premiere of LOST.  I know that is irrelevant to this blog but I can't wait.  If you don't feel like watching the State of the Union tonight, there are some great burger and beer specials around town.

Kings Road Cafe in West Hollywood has $10 burger and beer night, where you get your choice of a regular, veggie or salmon burger + a glass of the beer on tap. Pretty good deal considering it's hard enough to find a $10 beer in West Hollywood.  They also feature live music on Wednesdays.  Be warned you might have to wait a bit, it is a small place and fills up quickly.  Not good for large groups.

If you find yourself in Echo Park there is a $5 burger special at The Park restaurant. The Park offers a 6 oz sirloin burger or a veggie burger, no beer included sadly, but you do get a choice of a side along with your meal.  For $5 that beats the Big Carl (also known as the Hot Carl haha) combo at Carl's Jr so you really can't complain.

Lastly, this isn't really a special but you can order a burger so I think it counts? Every Wednesday night at 7pm and 9pm is Bingo night at Hamburger Mary's in West Hollywood.  Hosted by Bingo boy and his drag queens, so if you don't play for the other team make sure you are secure enough in your manhood to attend.  $20 for ten games, all proceeds go to charity.

Kings Road Cafe. 8361 Beverly Boulevard. (323) 655.9044
The Park. 1400 Sunset Blvd. (213) 482.9209
Hamburger Mary's. 8288 Santa Monica Blvd. (323) 654.3800

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nobody Walks in LA

I read about this on DailyCandy yesterday and had to make a post because I think it would be great to try.  There is a company called Six Taste that is offerering walking food/booze tours of different spots in LA - most all in the Downtown locale. They take you to a number of spots, stopping for food and drink samplings along the way.

The tours take place every weekend (Fri-Sun) and range from $35 per person (for a Downtown bars tour) to $60 (for a 7-stop tour in Little Toyko).  All food is included in the price and tours take around 2-3 hours.

You can also arrange for a private tour with an agenda of your choice, just need to contact them in advance to set up.

More info at

Six Taste. 1-888-313-0936

Taking it to the streets...

LA Street Food Fest

Remember when food trucks used to be called roach coaches and were probably the last place you would want to eat? Well it seems like those days are behind us since lately there is a trendy food truck for just about every type of cuisine out there. From kimchi tacos to grilled cheese to sno cones.  Given that, it was inevitable that this event would one day take place: the 1st Annual LA Street Food Fest.

The street food bonanza will take place on Saturday Feb 13 from 11a-5p.  And judging by the success of last weeks street food fundraiser for Haiti, I would recommend getting there early as I could only imagine how crowded this will be.

There will be food from over 30 different food trucks, as well as a DJ..and a marketplace featuring merchandise from local designers and artics..and a craft area to make your own valentines..and a photo booth.  I don't think you could ask for much more.

Details can be found at  See you there!

LA Street Food Fest. February 13.  500 S Beaudry Ave.

Reminder Post: DineLA Restaurant Week!

Just a reminder post to get your prix fixe fix this week and next week at participating restaurants in DineLA's restaurant week!

List of restauarants can be found at and you can make your reservations through

Friday, January 22, 2010

Arriba, Abajo.... will end up Borracho

New Happy Hour spot!  Opening today (soft opening, I believe), is a new restaurant/bar on Sunset: Borracho Cantina.  It is located closer to sunset plaza, near Ketchup, in the spot formerly occupied by Tony's Steakhouse.

Borracho literally means drunk in espanol, and I am already sold on this place for that fact alone.

They have daily happy hours from 3-6pm AND a late night happy hour again from 10pm-1am.  A perfect spot to grab a late bite and drink before heading out around the Sunset area. The menu sounds like a new twist on classic Mexican favorites, including pomegranate guacamole with queso fresco (how good does that sound?). And if you are in the mood to watch Mark Sanchez in all his glory this weekend, they have 10 tvs on the patio so is a good place to catch the game as well.

Borracho Cantina.  8570 W Sunset Blvd. (310) 289 8809.

Are you ready for some football?!

So its the NFL playoffs (or superbowl, or birthday, or office party, or random weekend) and you want to have a partaaaaay to celebrate the awesomeness of your favorite team/business/birth/drinking habits. Rather than hit up the usual bar/restaurant we have an idea:

Hold a tailgate. And we don't mean the usual - pull up your pick up truck and grill in the back while listening to the football or baseball game on the radio - we're talking a totally unique tailgate involving the best tailgating vehicle known to man:

The Games2U Bus.

This bus comes fully equipped with three TVs (satellite connected) inside for video games or sports, and two TVs outside to play Wii (or to watch more sports) and a large 12ft inflatable projection screen TV for...err... watching sports. Games2U even brings a laser tag set up and a giant human hamster ball for those who can't handle standing around, drinking, playing video games, and watching sports (if you are such person we obviously could not be friends).

Now we don't want you to stop at renting just one 'vehicle of fun' - but rather go for TWO. The second vehicle being a food truck of course! We love the idea of hiring the Border Grill or Grilled Cheese Truck (or similar mobile kitchen) and then just buying a few 30-racks of beer at Ralphs. Just think - food truck on one side, video games/TVs on the other, big tub of beer/wine in the center. This is definitely party love.

Games2U fees start at $249 for the first 90 minutes, each additional hour is another $100.
Whether you charge your buddies a per person fee, or you're ever so generous and host the whole thing yourself, this is bound to be the best party you've ever had.

BONUS: If you mention FinerThingsLA when you make your reservation with Games2U LA you'll get 10% off!

Shoot them an email for reservations and more information:

Friday Feature: Bottomless Mimosa Guide

Finally, Friday. Why has this week been so long?  The rain should be gone by Sunday morning so what way better to celebrate than with bottomless mimosas.

Last week we took our own advice and headed to Rockwell.  The food was ridiculously good and 2 of our companions searched hopelessly for the "bottom" of bottomless mimosas, much like searching for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  The bottom was found around mimosa 20-22 which coincidentally was also the time that we were kicked out for our boozy ways. 

This week's mimosa spot is Taste on Melrose. Contrary to popular belief, we are not endorsed by Taste, although we have posted about them numerous times before.  They just have great deals and specials almost every day of the week, amazing food, and a good atmosphere. 

On Sundays, Taste is offering bottomless mimosas for $13 along with a 2 (yes, 2!) course prix fixe brunch menu.  The food sounds delicious - crab cakes benedict, brioche french toast - yum.

So we will see you there this Sunday!  You'll know who we are, just look for the loudest table in there.

Taste on Melrose. 8454 Melrose Ave.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Deals Found at the Foundry!

I'll admit - we've never been to the Foundry. We've heard great things about the food there but its always been slightly out of our budgets.  However, after a quick look at their website today I believe we will be making our first visit there this Sunday.

What: Suds and Song Sundays @ The Foundry on Melrose
When: Sundays, 8:30pm - 11pm (in the Lounge)
The Low Down: $2 Featured Beers + Live Music


The Foundry also has a few other great deals early in the week (And an extra special DineLA menu):

Mondays: Lunes Latinos
Latin inspired cocktails, Greenspan's Gorditas (3 kinds / $3 each), and Latin Jazz
8:30pm - 11:30pm every Monday (in the Lounge)

Tuesdays: Bluesy Tuesdays
Listen to the Blues while eating up Chef Greenspan’s take on Southern food - fried chicken (priced by the piece) and waffles ($4), sides of creamed corn, grits, and greens($5), Green Tomatoes ($5), Corn bread pudding ($7). 
8:00pm -10:00pm every Tuesday (in the Lounge)

While other restaurants are offering three courses for a set price for DineLA Week, The Foundry is upping the ante to offer four (4!!) courses for the same $44/per person price. The menu includes items like White Gazpacho, Beef Tenderloin, Duck Breast, and a Blood Orange Bar for Dessert (I want I want I want!)

As you know from our detailed love for the Windows Lounge at the Four Seasons - we love any place with live classy music*. A place with live swanky music and drink specials = True Love.

*Note: a DJ is not 'live music' by any stretch of the imagination... and though we really love 80's cover bands (one of us has even dreamed of having Fast Times play at our wedding...) these just don't fit in this classy equation for love.

Hope to see you at the Foundry this Sunday!!

Deal Alert!

Here’s a great way to whet your palate before a delicious dinner (or long night of drinking): Vinoteque on Melrose holds a ‘Sip and Swirl’ event every Tuesday at 7pm.

The restaurant pair three wines with three appetizers – and each Tuesday is a different theme (upcoming events include Whites of the Loire Valley" on January 26, "Napa and Her Wine" on February 2, and "A Night in the North of Spain" on February 9).

Normally the cost is $20.10/per tasting (a pretty good deal on its own.) However, if you go to today they are selling certificates for these events for only $10! You can use the certificate any Tuesday between now and April 22nd – but the deal is ONLY AVAILABLE TODAY so hurry up and purchase!

We already told you guys about Groupon earlier in the week, but just in case you were stubborn, or stupid, and didn’t listen to us - here’s the link so you can sign up to become a member:

Great idea: start your night with ‘Sip and Swirl’ and continue your eating adventure with Vinoteque’s DINELA menu ($35/pp for dinner with a great line up of delicious food!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hump Day Special!

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?...

I know we are in the middle of the storm of the century (or so the news stations tell me, even though I only felt some drizzle this morning and it's not raining now....but I'm sure I will eat my words later), but if you feel like leaving the house tonight, head to Campanile on La Brea for their Wednesday night prix fixe "Soup Kitchen" (hence the Oliver Twist subtitle) dinner menu.

You can get a 3 course meal for $22, with soup and entree and dessert! A pretty good deal since Campanile is usually on the pricier side.  They also have specialty cocktails with the menu for $7 each.

Also, Campanile is participating in DineLA week which starts next week! So make your reservations now!

Campanile. 624 S La Brea. (323) 938 1447.

Eat and Drink for Haiti

A few ways you can get great food and drinks while also donating to Haiti disaster relief:

FIG Restaurant (Santa Monica): Saturday, Jan 23rd. All wine proceeds will go to "Share Our Strength"
Locali (Hollywood): Sunday, Jan 31st. 11am - 4pm, LA Bake Sale for Haiti.
Isla Cantina (West Hollywood): TONIGHT, Wednesday, Jan 20th. 20% of all food and beverages sales go to the Haiti Relief efforts. The restaurant is also offering a special "Haiti Relief" cocktail where 50% of sales will be donated.
Haven Gastropub (Orange): Monday, Jan 25th. ALL proceeds to go Haiti Earthquake Relief.
Susan Feniger's STREET (Hollywood): 15% of all gift card sales go to Doctor's Without Borders. 
Barbrix (Silverlake): Sunday, Jan 24th. 5pm - Closing, 10% of gross sales will go to Doctors Without Borders to benefit the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.
Beach Pit BBQ (Orange County - 3 Locations): Thursday, Jan. 21st. 100% of food sales go to helping Haiti Survivors.

For a list of more restaurants donating proceeds to Haiti Relief check out the list compiled by CitySearch.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Like Spring Break!...But not!

How about if I told you that there was a way to avoid DUIs and it involved an open bar?  Seriously.  Booze Croozer is a glorious new alternative to taking the standard Yellow Cab.  With as little as 45 minutes notice, Booze Croozer will pick you up and take you (and up to 5 of your friends), anywhere within 25 miles of Downtown.

There is an initial charge of $19.99, with an additional $0.99 for each 1/10th of a mile.  And I saved the best part for last, the limos come with a fully stocked bar (vodka, whisky, rum...and even mixers!).  So you can continue your preparty on the way to the bar and keep your after-party going all the way home.

Just don't blame them if you are too drunk to get into the actual bar when you finally do arrive.

Deal Alert!

Here's a great deal at West Restaurant and Lounge in the Hotel Angeleno:

$60 worth of food/drinks for only $30!
We've never eaten at this spot before but its a lounge too - so if you're don't want to eat dinner there you can use all $60 on drinks!

The deal is available at Groupon - to sign up click here:

You can only purchase the deal today so hurry up!!

Note: Even if you're not interested in today's deals - Groupon has great offers (a new one every day) on other food/services/events in and around Los Angeles (as well as in tons of other major cities around the country.) So its definitely worth signing up so you can take advantage of future offers.

Rain Rain Go Away

Angelenos are wimps in the rain. No one wants to go out in the scary rain (oooh nooo we're melllltinggg) - let alone drive in it with all the crazy rain-challenged drivers.

In response to this rain-aversion restaurants seem to be boosting the happy hour deals this week in order to lure you out of your warm and dry apartment. But no, you wont do it! You're hair will get matted down walking to the car, the hems of your pants will be wet, it will just be terrible!

What the next best solution? Make someone else brave the weather and order in!

Here's a few of our favorite restaurants that deliver in the Mid-City West/ West Hollywood area:

* Wokano (8408 W. Third Street, Los Angeles / 323.951.1122)
 Sushi is good, but we also love their pan fried gyoza and their Chinese Chicken Salad has a great Ginger dressing.
Additional Locations in Burbank, Pasadena, Downtown, Santa Monica, & Long Beach

* Urth Caffe (8565 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood / 310.659.0628)
We love the original Urth Salad and on Wednesdays they have a delicious Tortilla Soup
Additional Locations in Beverly Hills, Downtown, and Santa Monica

* Tomato Pie Pizza Joint (7751 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles / 323.653.9993)
You MUST order the 'Grandma' - it was ranked as the 7th best pizza in the NATION by GQ last year
Additional Location in Silver Lake 

* Joan's on Third (8350 W. Third Street, Los Angeles / 323.655.2285)
There are so many good sandwiches and salads here! We usually go for the three salad combo with the Corn & Black Bean Salad, Szechuan Green Beans (mmmm!), and Taragon Chicken Salad.

* Bossa Nova (685 N. Roberston Blvd., West Hollywood / 310.657.5070)
A change of pace form the typical delivery options - Brazilian Food! The grilled chicken and steak are great and come with plantains on the side (yummy). Plus you can place your order online.
Additional Locations in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and West LA 

* Talesai (9043 W. Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood / 310.275.9724)
Great Thai food that's flavorful without being too heavy.
Additional Location (Cafe Talesai) in Beverly Hills

Note: Make sure you tip well! Some poor sap had to get soaking wet just so your lazy self could fill your belly!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dudes Love Hot Chicks

Guys love them some chicken wings.

As one male friend of ours said ‘there’s something manly about leaving a pile of bones behind when you eat.’ And as we learned last night – give a man chicken wings from any vendor (Hooters not required) and within a minute his face and fingers will be glistening with the beautiful red sheen of hot sauce.

Last night at the begging and pleading of our male companions – we agreed to go out for wings. But rather than force ourselves into a self-esteem killing environment of orange booty-shorts and fake boobs we decided to try someplace new:

The spot: Hot Wings Cafe / 7011 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

Long story short – regular beers are $3.50/ea, nicer beers $5/ea and after ordering nearly 50 chicken wings (split between five of us) we were only out $6.00/ea for food.

End of story: great deal to keep men happy. Plus there are TVs on every wall, service was speedy, and we saw some D+ celebrity from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  

Done deal – see you there next week for football playoffs.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Let them eat cake!

What: All you can eat bundt cake tasting event
Where: Kiss My Bundt, 8104 W. Third Street
When: Tomorrow, Saturday Jan. 16th, 8pm - 10:30pm
How Much: $10 for all the bundt cake, coffee, and wine you can cram into your pie (cake) hole.

We find that when you are intoxicated - you crave food. If you have some aperitifs before heading over here you can probably clean up like a Biggest Loser contestant a Home Town Buffet.
(By the way - did anyone watch BL this week? They may be terrible for you but those nachos and Crunchwrap-Supremes looked like delicious 4th meal worthy food - Jillian is crazy.)

Friday Feature: Bottomless Mimosa Guide

TGIF, we have made it through another week! Although nursing a hangover is making it difficult for me to even think about a mimosa, let alone BOTTOMLESS mimosas, I must go on.

This week's bottomless mimosa pick is Rockwell in Silverlake....for the hipster in all of us. Make sure to wear plaid or the waiter will spit in your food.  On Sundays they have "Rehab Brunch" from 10a-3p, with bottomless mimosas for $15/person with purchase of an entree. And the food here sounds amazing (lemon ricotta pancakes, creme brulee french toast...yum!).

The Rockwell is located in the back of the Vermont restaurant, and is open air and the perfect place to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning.  There is a tree in the middle of the bar which is kind of cool. And they have a DJ as well, which is an added plus.

It is also a good place to check out for Happy Hour, weekdays from 5-8p and a Saturday happy hour from 4-6p.

Rockwell VT, 1714 N Vermont Ave.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ichi Ni Son...

Sake Sake Bomb!

I am a little hesitant posting this, but only because I love this place and seeing as there is already a long wait for tables, I'd rather not be forced to wait any longer by letting all of you in on this spot. 

If you like sushi and more importantly if you love sake, then Hara's sushi place on the Westside is a must-go. Hara's has a daily happy hour from 4:30-9:30 (so you are not rushing to get there by 6 or 7 like most happy hour spots), during which the sushi and all sake and beer are half off; and since their booze prices are already cheap to begin with, during happy hour they are practically giving it away. The sushi is good as well, it's no Katsuya but for the price you can't beat it.

Just be warned, the place is tiny and the tables are packed right next to each other. So if your group indulges in a little too much sake you might be getting dirty looks from the table seated 2 inches away (which happens to us frequently - but seriously, who comes there to eat a quiet sushi dinner when you can get sake for pennies??)

And another tip, the place is always crowded, and they do not take reservations, so I would recommend getting their early or dropping a friend off to put your name on the board. The waiter that mans the seating board is not easily bribed as we have found from experience. And try not to arrive with too large of a group or you will never be seated.

Hara Sushi.  12222 Wilshire.

Expensive... But Worth It

This is in no way a ‘deal alert’. This place is expensive (i.e. the $12/beer, $19/martini kind of expensive…) However, if you limit yourself to one drink, or you toss a few back at home before you head here, this place is definitely worth the money.

The Place: Four Seasons Beverly Hills  (300 S. Doheny Dr.)

The Time: Thursday – Sunday nights in the Windows Lounge.

The Reasoning: There’s a live band and they are great. The lead singer rotates throughout the weekend but the guy who is there Thursday nights (tonight!), who also plays guitar, is amazing.

You feel swank as soon as you arrive here – a great high-end lounge feel. And you really never know who will be in the crowd on any given night. One night we had a friend buddy-ing it up with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Stanley Tucci, another time we made friends with an exec from William Morris, and last year we watched James Brown’s son cut a rug to the band’s rendition of ‘It’s a Man’s World’ (We highly recommend you request they sing this – its their best number).

And the snacks must be mentioned – not beer nuts – but when you order a drink you’ll get a selection of snacks: fried snap peas, sesame snack mix, and terra chips. The waiters recognize us at this point and usually fill our trays with just the snap peas – our favorite by far. (Wow we sound like cheap dorks getting excited over bar snacks...)

We’ve taken friends, parents, and dates here before for after dinner drinks and just about everyone has had a great time. So have a few glasses of wine at dinner then head over here for your $12 Stella… you will not regret it.

(Warning: consuming copious amounts of alcohol before you arrive at the Four Seasons may impair your judgment and result in the purchasing of multiple $15 rounds of booze… don’t say we didn’t warn you…)

Happy Hour Alert

4 - 5 - 6 Happy Hour at Susan Feniger’s STREET

Here’s the deal: STREET’s entire menu is based on street food from around the world and normally its pretty pricey. However from 4-7pm, Monday – Saturday, you can try selected items from the main menu for just $5 per plate. Each plate is small but they are meant as tastings (i.e. three hors d' oeuvres sized pepper poppers per plate…) A selected menu of drinks also comes at $5/glass.

The offer is only valid at the bar though so make sure you can grab a stool.

From our experience last night the place is pretty empty until around 7:30pm so grabbing three bar stools during Happy Hour was no problem. We shared all five of the menu items (Chile feta poppers – delicious, Kobe beef chili dogs – delicious, Shishito peppers – bland, Brazilian acaraje fritters – good, Burmese lettuce wraps – delicious) and we each had a few drinks. The drink options included a Gin Rickey, a ginger/lime/vodka drink, a rum based drink, and a red and white wine option (I had the red – it was great).

We definitely recommend checking this place out for Happy Hour if you want to try STREET without spending next week’s pay check. However – avoid the valet, its $8+tip, which is the equivalent of two delicious chili dogs…

Susan Feniger’s STREET
742 N. Highland (Just above Melrose)
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quick Note on Melgard Public House

Just a quick tidbit:

Following up on yesterday's note about new bars opening up in the area - Melgard Public House (7505 Melrose) has announced (via Urban Daddy) they will be holding a soft opening this Saturday.

They will be offering free food  (pizza, maybe burgers too...) but no beer or wine until their license transfers over next week. There will be an outside patio opening up too in a couple weeks (construction not quite complete yet).

If you're cool with just free food head over Saturday - otherwise we'd recommend waiting a couple weeks until you can get the full food/booze/patio experience.

Kiss the Cook

If one of your New Year's resolutions was to learn how to cook, then you must must attend the cooking classes at Sur La Table at the Grove. They are the best.....around! (Karate Kid reference).

Sur La Table has classes most every day of the week, usually at 6:30pm, and for those of us fortunate enough to not be slaving away at a desk all day, they also hold mid-day classes at 1pm.

They have a wide variety of classes ranging from simple tasks such as "Cooking 101: How to Boil Water" (I mean, really?) to more exciting classes like "Bon Appetit: India, dish by dish" (Is that considered a shameless plug since I am Indian? I wasn't sure).

Class sizes are fairly small and they get filled up pretty quickly so check out the website in advance if you want to make a reservation to attend a class. You can also call them to plan a private cooking class or group event, where you have the option to pick your own menu.

Sur La Table, @ the Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax. (323) 954 0121

Happy Hour Alert

Do the Humpty Hump...

I'm pretty sure this would be Wednesday's favorite song were the day to have emotions and a personality and what not... and if Wednesday had a favorite thing to do in the evening it would be to enjoy happy hour deals.

In honor of Wednesday/Hump Day Taste on Melrose is offering Happy Hour specials all day long. Specials include $3 Beers, $4 Wells & Wine, $6 Speciality Cocktails, and a limited menu of food items for $4-$5 (pizettes, mac n' cheese, calamari, shrimp...)

Normally their Happy Hour is a measly two hours, just 4pm - 6pm, which is impossible to make it to unless you work in WeHo (we don't) and have a cushy job that actually lets you leave at 5pm (we don't).

With an all day Happy Hour it might be one of those days you call in sick from work and enjoy this rainy LA day on the Taste patio, sipping discounted cocktails and nibbling on discounted mac n' cheese (its delicious there).

Enjoy & good luck in surviving the last 50% of your work week!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Coming Attractions

Just last year we were talking amongst our friends, nursing our hangovers from the day before over brunch,  WISHING there were more nice sports/beer bars in Los Angeles. At the time it seemed all LA was good for was Clubs/Lounges and sleazy bars (not that we don't love spots like Backstage Culver City - karaoke, drinks, Seahawks fans - what's not to love?).

Now it seems nice sports bars and burger/beer joints are popping up everywhere around our LA neighborhood. If only we had the foresight, and funds, to open our own! With our expertise in booze and fun times we'd be gazillionaires if we owned a bar...

Here's a few new spots opening in the next couple months you should keep your eyes out for:

* Melgard Public House (7505 Melrose Ave.) - Opening next week in former Louise's Trattoria Spot. Easy American food, tons of beers on tap, and lots of flat screen TVs (From the guy who owns 3rd Stop and 1739 Public House)

* The Surly Goat (7929 Santa Monica Blvd) - Opening soon. Main focus of the Surly Goat will be craft beers - and tons of them.  (From the guy who started BoHo and Bar Delux, was expected to open in 2009 but, accordingly to EaterLA, ran into liquor license problems....)

* Name TBD - LAist reports a new Gastropub is expected to open just north of Golden State on Fairfax in a few months. More details to come...

* Locals Sports Bar & Grill (5047 W. Pico) - Just Opened! TVs, Beer/Wine/Liquor, 'Fresh' Bar Food (Whatever that means...)

* Capitol City (1615 Cahuenga) - Opened Sept. 2009 in former Goa spot. Lots of TVs, 60 Beers on Tap + Wine + Full Liqour, Two Stories, and Dance Floor/DJ Set up at back outside patio.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Pan e Vino on the Cheapo

Deal Alert!! is offering gift certificates for dinner at Pan E Vino on Beverly Blvd. at a serious discount: $25 worth of food for $10!

Italian food is good but I love me some wine too (just ask my friend Peter who once watched me enjoy a few glasses / plastic cups of Chardonnay at Booomers Family Fun Center)... so it couldn't get better than wine and Italian food at 60% off.  (Cue salivating Homer Simpson expression).

Here's the link so you can grab some cheap(er) eats:

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days...

I don't care if Monday's blue, Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too..

Just because it's Monday doesn't mean the weekend has to end, to keep your drinking binge going, here is our round-up of drink/food specials to last you through the week:

  • Taste on Melrose (West Hollywood): 1/2 off bottles of wine
  • Nic's (Beverly Hills): $7 Appetizers & Martinis, $21 Three Course Menu
  • Citizen Smith (Hollywood): Half off food and drinks, 6pm-midnight
  • Malo (Silverlake): $1 Tacos (Thanks Harry!)
  • Kitchen24 (Hollywood): $3 Beers, $5 Cocktail, $5 Apps, 3PM - 11PM
  •  Taco Tuesday!...the choices are endless but here are some highlights:
    • The Spanish Kitchen (West Hollywood): $2 tacos
    • Marix (West Hollywood): $7.95 all you can eat tacos + Margarita Madness from 4-7pm
    • El Toro Cantina (next to Busby's East - Mid Wilshire): $1 tacos
    • Cabo Cantina (either Sunset or Wilshire on the westside): $5 all you can eat tacos
    • Kay & Dave's (Pico/Overland, Pacific Palisades, Culver City, Brentwood): $1 Tacos + Happy Hour Drink Specials (i.e. $1 Margaritas) from 4-7pm. 
  • Cha Cha Lounge (Silverlake): if you don't like tacos or enjoy hipsters, the Cha Cha lounge has $1.50 PBR all night on Tues
  • Bodega Wine Bar (Santa Monica): Wine Caraffe Night, regular carafes $15, premium $21
  • The Edison (Downtown): $4 drinks
  • Big Wangs (Hollywood): $0.25 chicken wings and $2.50 beer (chosen by the bartenders), 4pm to close
  • The Edison (Downtown): The Edison strikes again! $0.35 cent martinis, 5-7pm
  • Lola's (West Hollywood): Late night happy hour special, $5 martinis 10:30pm-12:30pm

So if you didn't have a reason to drink every night before, you should now, hope this makes your week a little more bearable.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wine & Dine... At the Mall?

Last night we discovered a great way to wine and dine - at Westfield Century City!

Yes - the mall.

But before you judge too quickly, get this: the mall has a great food court will REAL food options (Lawry's, Gulen's Mediterranean, Take a Bao, Etc...) so everyone in your party can get the kind of food they want and reconvene to grub. There's no awkward splitting of the bill, no debating over what type of food everyone wants, no worries that its going to cost a fortune.

Once you've gotten your food fix head over the Ummba Grill - where you can order drinks on the malls' rooftop patio, chill in the comfortable outdoor sofas,  and on certain nights - listen to live music. We just chilled at Ummba with a few glasses of wine until midnight last night. Better than your average bar its not incredibly loud so you can actually hold a conversation without sounding like a 60-year-old Reno cocktail waitress the next morning.

Just a word to the wise - if the night gets away from you and you realize you've been at the mall for four hours (like we did), find a place to validate your parking. Century City gives 3 free hours - but after that the price jumps up to $7 for your next 30 minutes, and $2 for each 15 minutes after that. Ouch!

Westfield Century City
10250 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90067

A Great Way to Get Fat

The Great 'Cupcake Challenge' is coming to Hollywood!

Similar to the Pinot Noir event mentioned last week - this event involves tons of bakeries meeting up to face off in a mini-cupcake cook off/frost off. Best part - they are asking the public to help them judge on the best cupcakes out there.

Tickets are $40 and available online. The event will be held at the Renaissance hotel in Hollywood.

There is no mention of how many cupcakes you will actually get to taste - but our guess is: it's definitely enough to make you swear off cupcakes for the rest of the month. And unlike the wine tasting - at least you won't be hungover from this intake of excess!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Hour Alert

Just a quick note before you head out for the weekend,

8oz Burger Bar announced yesterday on Twitter they have a new 2010 Special: Happy Hour Every Day (10pm - Close). Tonight being Friday they should be open until around 2am.

Happy hour specials include discounted beer, wine, and cocktails as well as a limited happy hour food menu. Happy Hour is served only at the bar though so take time to practice your lurking skills so you can score a seat.

80z Burger Bar
7661 Melrose Avenue

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Friday Feature: Bottomless Mimosa Guide
TGIF. I can't even tell you how long I have wanted to write a blog dedicated to bottomless mimosas. A really really really long time. Although most of my mimosa adventures end in me blacking out by mid day (USC Homecoming 2009), there is nothing else that brings me greater joy on a Sunday morning.

Every Friday starting today, we will post a new restaurant to get your bottomless mimosa fix. And the inaugural post is dedicated to one of the best: The Warehouse in Marina Del Rey. If you have never been to the Warehouse, get your best Gilligan's Island outfit on and get there stat. I'm not kidding on the Gilligan's Island.

Not only do they have bottomless mimosas, but their FOOD is bottomless as well. All you can eat breakfast and lunch buffet - with an omlet station! -all for $29!! Which is less than the cost of the Ydrive adventure you will most likely embark on after consuming copious amounts of champange at brunch.

The Warehouse: 4499 Admiralty Way. (310) 823 5451.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Take Me Home Tonight

Experiencing 'Operator Error' after a night of drinking? Don't want to leave your car at a meter over night, but also don't want to find yourself in a jail cell?

Call Y-Drive.

For $38 bucks these guys will meet you at your car, fold up the little scooter they arrived on, and drive you home in your own vehicle. Then they'll depart your residence in the same manner they came - on that awesome little scooter. And better than a cab - they accept all major credit cards and cash.

The drivers are usually posted up at one main location (just look for the guys in the silver jackets) but they will also come pick you up if you give them a call.

It’s already a great deal (less than a parking ticket, similar to a cab fare) but if you're Downtown and need to get to Westwood (or some similar lengthy distance) this is the deal of the century - not to mention the $10k you will save in lawyer’s fees from avoiding that DUI.

Follow YDrive on twitter to see where they will be based each night:

Or Check out their website to give them a call and schedule a pick up:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Prix Fix Heaven

DineLA Restaurant Week is just around the corner, it is one of my favorite foodie activities in LA. I can try all the restaurants I have wanted to go to without breaking the bank or whoring myself out to some sugar daddy.

Most all of the hot restaurants in LA participate in restaurant week (which is actually 2 weeks long), and offer prix fix meals for lunch and dinner. There are 3 tiers of dining that all the restaurants are divided into, with lunch menus ranging from $16 to $28 and dinner menus from $26-$44.

For the prix fixe price you can enjoy a 3-4 course meal at any of the participating restaurants. The only downside is booze is not included :(

Dates are Jan 24-29 and Jan 31-Feb 5. More info on

Grease and Grapes

Yet another wine tasting option (more expensive, fewer wines to taste, BUT it involves In-N-Out Burgers):

Ian Blackburn - the owner of is holding 'Burger+Wine Blind Dates' starting this month. This Friday (1/8) he's featuring 20 different Merlots to try - and to compliment them he's serving In-N-Out Burgers... you know... so you can experience all the wonderful flavors and all that jazz.

On the 15th he features Zinfandel + Burgers.

We've have never heard of Loft 218 (the map looks like its somewhere north east of downtown) - but again I'd assume cab required. Attendance is $69 and reservations can be made online.

For the Lush in All of Us

We enjoy wine. We enjoy drinking wine in unhealthy quantities (you know - more than the 'healthy' one glass a night).

Perfect Event: Pinot Noir Day
January 17th, 1pm - 5pm
Santa Monica Barker Hanger

Its $50 bucks but you get to try 200 samples of wine... you better take a cab home.