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Friday, January 29, 2010

Beans Beans the Musical Fruit...

Back in high school in Seattle my friends called me Soup Whore. A strange nickname, yes. However, at the time it made sense (kinda...) as I had a serious addiction to a local food spot named City Soups (... as well as a not-so-serious crush on the guy who owned it.)

Mostly I loved their vegetarian chili. It was delicious: just the right ratio of beans to veggies - so good I never even missed the meat.  (insert dirty joke here)

I've always wished there were a nice 'soup kitchen' spot in LA like City Soups but I never imagined there was much of a market for it due to the perpetually nice weather (save for last week's rainy adventure.)

Well it appears my prayers were answered... and yes, these are the sort of trivial things I pray for (great use of the system I'm sure):
408 N. La Cienega Boulevard
Opening Soon!

This spot isn't entirely new to the LA scene - they've operated stands at the Hollywood Farmer's Market on the weekends for some time now. However, this is their first store-front /dine-in  establishment.

Word is that Chili Addition will offer over 70 varities of chili, including 10 vegas varieties, plus a variety of home made sausages and hot dogs you can sauce up with the beany good stuff.
Bonus for my laziness: they will deliver!

Soft opening is this weekend with a grand opening coming in the next couple weeks.

(Just remember to bring your Beano!) 

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