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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Hour Alert

4 - 5 - 6 Happy Hour at Susan Feniger’s STREET

Here’s the deal: STREET’s entire menu is based on street food from around the world and normally its pretty pricey. However from 4-7pm, Monday – Saturday, you can try selected items from the main menu for just $5 per plate. Each plate is small but they are meant as tastings (i.e. three hors d' oeuvres sized pepper poppers per plate…) A selected menu of drinks also comes at $5/glass.

The offer is only valid at the bar though so make sure you can grab a stool.

From our experience last night the place is pretty empty until around 7:30pm so grabbing three bar stools during Happy Hour was no problem. We shared all five of the menu items (Chile feta poppers – delicious, Kobe beef chili dogs – delicious, Shishito peppers – bland, Brazilian acaraje fritters – good, Burmese lettuce wraps – delicious) and we each had a few drinks. The drink options included a Gin Rickey, a ginger/lime/vodka drink, a rum based drink, and a red and white wine option (I had the red – it was great).

We definitely recommend checking this place out for Happy Hour if you want to try STREET without spending next week’s pay check. However – avoid the valet, its $8+tip, which is the equivalent of two delicious chili dogs…

Susan Feniger’s STREET
742 N. Highland (Just above Melrose)
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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