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Friday, January 8, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Friday Feature: Bottomless Mimosa Guide
TGIF. I can't even tell you how long I have wanted to write a blog dedicated to bottomless mimosas. A really really really long time. Although most of my mimosa adventures end in me blacking out by mid day (USC Homecoming 2009), there is nothing else that brings me greater joy on a Sunday morning.

Every Friday starting today, we will post a new restaurant to get your bottomless mimosa fix. And the inaugural post is dedicated to one of the best: The Warehouse in Marina Del Rey. If you have never been to the Warehouse, get your best Gilligan's Island outfit on and get there stat. I'm not kidding on the Gilligan's Island.

Not only do they have bottomless mimosas, but their FOOD is bottomless as well. All you can eat breakfast and lunch buffet - with an omlet station! -all for $29!! Which is less than the cost of the Ydrive adventure you will most likely embark on after consuming copious amounts of champange at brunch.

The Warehouse: 4499 Admiralty Way. (310) 823 5451.

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  1. I love mimosas! and dresssing up even more! I'm definitely going to check this out!! :)