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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ichi Ni Son...

Sake Sake Bomb!

I am a little hesitant posting this, but only because I love this place and seeing as there is already a long wait for tables, I'd rather not be forced to wait any longer by letting all of you in on this spot. 

If you like sushi and more importantly if you love sake, then Hara's sushi place on the Westside is a must-go. Hara's has a daily happy hour from 4:30-9:30 (so you are not rushing to get there by 6 or 7 like most happy hour spots), during which the sushi and all sake and beer are half off; and since their booze prices are already cheap to begin with, during happy hour they are practically giving it away. The sushi is good as well, it's no Katsuya but for the price you can't beat it.

Just be warned, the place is tiny and the tables are packed right next to each other. So if your group indulges in a little too much sake you might be getting dirty looks from the table seated 2 inches away (which happens to us frequently - but seriously, who comes there to eat a quiet sushi dinner when you can get sake for pennies??)

And another tip, the place is always crowded, and they do not take reservations, so I would recommend getting their early or dropping a friend off to put your name on the board. The waiter that mans the seating board is not easily bribed as we have found from experience. And try not to arrive with too large of a group or you will never be seated.

Hara Sushi.  12222 Wilshire.

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