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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Expensive... But Worth It

This is in no way a ‘deal alert’. This place is expensive (i.e. the $12/beer, $19/martini kind of expensive…) However, if you limit yourself to one drink, or you toss a few back at home before you head here, this place is definitely worth the money.

The Place: Four Seasons Beverly Hills  (300 S. Doheny Dr.)

The Time: Thursday – Sunday nights in the Windows Lounge.

The Reasoning: There’s a live band and they are great. The lead singer rotates throughout the weekend but the guy who is there Thursday nights (tonight!), who also plays guitar, is amazing.

You feel swank as soon as you arrive here – a great high-end lounge feel. And you really never know who will be in the crowd on any given night. One night we had a friend buddy-ing it up with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Stanley Tucci, another time we made friends with an exec from William Morris, and last year we watched James Brown’s son cut a rug to the band’s rendition of ‘It’s a Man’s World’ (We highly recommend you request they sing this – its their best number).

And the snacks must be mentioned – not beer nuts – but when you order a drink you’ll get a selection of snacks: fried snap peas, sesame snack mix, and terra chips. The waiters recognize us at this point and usually fill our trays with just the snap peas – our favorite by far. (Wow we sound like cheap dorks getting excited over bar snacks...)

We’ve taken friends, parents, and dates here before for after dinner drinks and just about everyone has had a great time. So have a few glasses of wine at dinner then head over here for your $12 Stella… you will not regret it.

(Warning: consuming copious amounts of alcohol before you arrive at the Four Seasons may impair your judgment and result in the purchasing of multiple $15 rounds of booze… don’t say we didn’t warn you…)

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