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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Angelenos are wimps in the rain. No one wants to go out in the scary rain (oooh nooo we're melllltinggg) - let alone drive in it with all the crazy rain-challenged drivers.

In response to this rain-aversion restaurants seem to be boosting the happy hour deals this week in order to lure you out of your warm and dry apartment. But no, you wont do it! You're hair will get matted down walking to the car, the hems of your pants will be wet, it will just be terrible!

What the next best solution? Make someone else brave the weather and order in!

Here's a few of our favorite restaurants that deliver in the Mid-City West/ West Hollywood area:

* Wokano (8408 W. Third Street, Los Angeles / 323.951.1122)
 Sushi is good, but we also love their pan fried gyoza and their Chinese Chicken Salad has a great Ginger dressing.
Additional Locations in Burbank, Pasadena, Downtown, Santa Monica, & Long Beach

* Urth Caffe (8565 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood / 310.659.0628)
We love the original Urth Salad and on Wednesdays they have a delicious Tortilla Soup
Additional Locations in Beverly Hills, Downtown, and Santa Monica

* Tomato Pie Pizza Joint (7751 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles / 323.653.9993)
You MUST order the 'Grandma' - it was ranked as the 7th best pizza in the NATION by GQ last year
Additional Location in Silver Lake 

* Joan's on Third (8350 W. Third Street, Los Angeles / 323.655.2285)
There are so many good sandwiches and salads here! We usually go for the three salad combo with the Corn & Black Bean Salad, Szechuan Green Beans (mmmm!), and Taragon Chicken Salad.

* Bossa Nova (685 N. Roberston Blvd., West Hollywood / 310.657.5070)
A change of pace form the typical delivery options - Brazilian Food! The grilled chicken and steak are great and come with plantains on the side (yummy). Plus you can place your order online.
Additional Locations in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and West LA 

* Talesai (9043 W. Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood / 310.275.9724)
Great Thai food that's flavorful without being too heavy.
Additional Location (Cafe Talesai) in Beverly Hills

Note: Make sure you tip well! Some poor sap had to get soaking wet just so your lazy self could fill your belly!

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