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Friday, January 22, 2010

Are you ready for some football?!

So its the NFL playoffs (or superbowl, or birthday, or office party, or random weekend) and you want to have a partaaaaay to celebrate the awesomeness of your favorite team/business/birth/drinking habits. Rather than hit up the usual bar/restaurant we have an idea:

Hold a tailgate. And we don't mean the usual - pull up your pick up truck and grill in the back while listening to the football or baseball game on the radio - we're talking a totally unique tailgate involving the best tailgating vehicle known to man:

The Games2U Bus.

This bus comes fully equipped with three TVs (satellite connected) inside for video games or sports, and two TVs outside to play Wii (or to watch more sports) and a large 12ft inflatable projection screen TV for...err... watching sports. Games2U even brings a laser tag set up and a giant human hamster ball for those who can't handle standing around, drinking, playing video games, and watching sports (if you are such person we obviously could not be friends).

Now we don't want you to stop at renting just one 'vehicle of fun' - but rather go for TWO. The second vehicle being a food truck of course! We love the idea of hiring the Border Grill or Grilled Cheese Truck (or similar mobile kitchen) and then just buying a few 30-racks of beer at Ralphs. Just think - food truck on one side, video games/TVs on the other, big tub of beer/wine in the center. This is definitely party love.

Games2U fees start at $249 for the first 90 minutes, each additional hour is another $100.
Whether you charge your buddies a per person fee, or you're ever so generous and host the whole thing yourself, this is bound to be the best party you've ever had.

BONUS: If you mention FinerThingsLA when you make your reservation with Games2U LA you'll get 10% off!

Shoot them an email for reservations and more information:

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