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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gimme Some Dim Sum

I’ve wanted to try the lunch specials at Joss Cuisine in Beverly Hills for some time now but I’m rarely around Beverly Hills during lunchtime. Unfortunately I’m imprisoned daily in the Pacific Palisades where food options are few and those that are good are pricey.

Well I lucked out last Friday when I was able to escape my prison by the sea (I had the day off) and FINALLY try out Joss’s lunch specials.

Here’s the scoop: Joss Cuisine has two lunch deals and here’s what they come with:

Special 1: $11, Mu Shu Crepes Plate with Dim Sum Trio:
·      Soup or Salad
·      Three (3) Pieces of Dim Sum
·      Three Mu Shu Crepes (your choice of chicken, pork, shrimp, or veggie stuffing)

Special 2: $15, Joss’s Lunch Plate with Dim Sum Trio:
·      Soup or Salad
·      Five (5) Pieces of Dim Sum
·      One full sized entrée of your choice

My party of three all went with the $15 option.  As you can see from my expert photography the soup/salad its full-on Wonton shrimp soup or Chinese chicken salad. The dim sum was delicious (though I did miss the rad little cart I’m used to from China-Town dim sum experiences), and the main entrée was a full sized entrée. 

As far as value is concerned: normally the entrees run $15 - $20 per item, the soup is normally $7.50, and I have no idea how much the dim sum is since from what I saw I believe it’s a lunch special only. Either way you are already stealing from this place by ordering this menu option. 

The option we went with ended up being too much food for me – so next time I’ll go for the Mu Shu crepes special. But either way I’m coming back for some more over weekend or the next time I escape the Palisades.

Joss Cusine
9919 Santa Monica Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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