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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Great Way to Get Fat

The Great 'Cupcake Challenge' is coming to Hollywood!

Similar to the Pinot Noir event mentioned last week - this event involves tons of bakeries meeting up to face off in a mini-cupcake cook off/frost off. Best part - they are asking the public to help them judge on the best cupcakes out there.

Tickets are $40 and available online. The event will be held at the Renaissance hotel in Hollywood.

There is no mention of how many cupcakes you will actually get to taste - but our guess is: it's definitely enough to make you swear off cupcakes for the rest of the month. And unlike the wine tasting - at least you won't be hungover from this intake of excess!


  1. the lady that did my wedding cupcakes will be there - julie from blue cupcake. i just think $40 is a bit high...

  2. I agree it seems pricey - just have to go into it with a 'Buffet' state of mind to get your money's worth. Or go to a wine tasting before to work up the munchies.