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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Take Me Home Tonight

Experiencing 'Operator Error' after a night of drinking? Don't want to leave your car at a meter over night, but also don't want to find yourself in a jail cell?

Call Y-Drive.

For $38 bucks these guys will meet you at your car, fold up the little scooter they arrived on, and drive you home in your own vehicle. Then they'll depart your residence in the same manner they came - on that awesome little scooter. And better than a cab - they accept all major credit cards and cash.

The drivers are usually posted up at one main location (just look for the guys in the silver jackets) but they will also come pick you up if you give them a call.

It’s already a great deal (less than a parking ticket, similar to a cab fare) but if you're Downtown and need to get to Westwood (or some similar lengthy distance) this is the deal of the century - not to mention the $10k you will save in lawyer’s fees from avoiding that DUI.

Follow YDrive on twitter to see where they will be based each night:

Or Check out their website to give them a call and schedule a pick up:

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