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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grease and Grapes

Yet another wine tasting option (more expensive, fewer wines to taste, BUT it involves In-N-Out Burgers):

Ian Blackburn - the owner of is holding 'Burger+Wine Blind Dates' starting this month. This Friday (1/8) he's featuring 20 different Merlots to try - and to compliment them he's serving In-N-Out Burgers... you know... so you can experience all the wonderful flavors and all that jazz.

On the 15th he features Zinfandel + Burgers.

We've have never heard of Loft 218 (the map looks like its somewhere north east of downtown) - but again I'd assume cab required. Attendance is $69 and reservations can be made online.


  1. I'm hopefully going in February, you going? We should meet up!

  2. Which February one are you going to? We're doing the Pinot Days this saturday - you should hit that one up too! (And then y-drive home!)