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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Classy Cocktails

The Varnish 1 Yr Anniversary

There seems to be a lot of buzz in the last year around mixologists – fancy pants bartenders who make amazing cocktails. Mixologists aren’t serving up your standard vodka sodas and jack and cokes, they take bartending to a whole new level and have perfected the art of the cocktail, layering many ingredients and flavors.

There are many spots around town to try some of these cocktail creations including the Roger Room, Seven Grand, the Tar Pit and The Association to name a few. And tonight, one of the best, the Varnish, celebrates it’s one year anniversary.

Now, I’m not usually a fan of overpriced cocktails that have flowers and weird ingredients floating around in them, but the Varnish is worth checking out. Especially tonight, since they will have free Beefeater punch and baked goodies from newly opened Babycakes.

The party starts at 7pm tonight and they will have live jazz music as well. So if you find yourself downtown or looking for something to do tonight, head over!

The Varnish. (located behind Cole’s).118 E 6th St. (213) 622-9999.

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