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Monday, February 8, 2010

That's just how we roll...

The man and I finally made our way to The Foundry this weekend. Being the last day of DineLA we figured we should get there before we can no longer afford it (will someone please start paying me to eat and write about it?!) Long story short: my tummy couldn’t fit all the food on the DineLA menu so I just ordered from the regular menu. It was a helluva lot more reasonably priced than I expected and the food was really tastey.  The man on the other hand decided to be manly and order the big ‘ol four course special. Here’s the lowdown on our menu options:  

Chopped Salad (hazelnuts, currants, mixed veggies), $9
Decent, but too many beets in this salad for me...
Grilled Cheese Sandwich (with Short Rib), $12
Delicious Delicious Delicious Delicious Delicious. And a great deal!! No wonder this guy is opening a restaurant solely dedicated to the oozey goodness of grill cheese – this was amazing. The bread was super buttery and there was an overdose of cheese (that’s a good thing). If only I could pretend there are no calories in butter and cheese…

Romaine & Clementine Salad
Good, but I think I liked it better than he did (he likes his salad with meats and cheese and heavy things – not healthy veggies and fruit)
Duck Confit & Squash Risotto
My FAVORITE thing we ate that night. Rich and delicious – the arugula and blue cheese were the perfect compliment to the rich flavors of the risotto.
Beef Tenderloin
Perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned. Though, the man complained that the menu said it came with olives and there was only one on the plate. I’m not sure why he cared….
Blood Orange Bar
The man was pretty sure that the blood orange bar was going to be some dessert that only girls would like – for him ‘dessert’ does not involve anything healthy (like fruit). But we both loved it. A pastry like bar (like a lemon bar) topped with blood oranges, goat cheese ice cream, and balsamic vinegar (my favorite condiment of all time) – the combination of all ingredients was heavenly. Really delicious. 

Best part of the night: 
As we were about to leave Eric Greenspan (the head chef) came up and asked us how our meal was (and as I’m a nerd I got excited talking to this ‘celebrity’). I told him the grilled cheese was 'to die for' (I hate when people say that – it sounds so pretentious, why did I say that?!!). His response:

That’s just how we roll.

Oh Eric Greenspan I love you and your deliciously unhealthy food.

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