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Monday, February 15, 2010

Get Drunk Like Gee-Dub


Back in the day when Washington was elected, the campaign trail was all about providing tons of Hard-A to the public. Citizens would wander through the town square, from campaign table to campaign table, getting their fill of whiskey from each candidate. The larger the quantity, and the higher the quality, of booze you provided: the more people liked you. By the time the drinker was ready to vote they were thoroughly trashed, and because drunks are easier to convince into voting for you, you were basically ensured a vote if they finished their binge drinking at your campaign table (ingenious!)

In honor of this old-as-time tradition of providing booze to gain a following - CommeCa is offering drink specials today at a special price. For President's Day only, a select menu of cocktails will be available for just $4.40 (since we're at Presidente numero 44.) 

Here's the menu: 
  1. Frost/Nixon: "Last Word" - gin, lime juice, Green Charteuse, maraschino 
  2. Kennedy: "Cuba Libre" - cola, lime, white rum
  3. FDR: "Dark and Stormy" - black rum, lime juice, ginger syrup, splash of soda
  4.  Washington: "Penicillin" - Scotch, ginger, lemon, honey

    While you're there try the French Onion soup - it's delicious!

    8479 Melrose Avenue
    11:30am - 3pm, 5:30pm - 11pm

    Happy President's Day Everyone!!!

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