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Monday, February 22, 2010

Surviving Saturday & Sunday Mornings

Lines at breakfast spots in LA on the weekends are nuts - especially around noon when all the drunks wake up in desperate need of greasy breakfast food to nurse their hangovers. It’s because of these lines that I rarely go to Toast anymore - its just not worth a 30+ minute wait when you’ve got the shakes and need coffee STAT. 

One of my favorite spots in the city for lunch has always been Cuvee on Robertson. I used to live nearby and the walk always helped revive me from the night before.  It’s also never super busy, they serve my favorite iced tea in town (plus a free refill!), and they have a pretty little outdoor patio. It's an ‘order at the counter and choose your own table’ sort of spot so it's less formal than a normal restaurant (which I like). However, their breakfast hours were terrible (i.e. service stopped around noon) and I can’t think of a single weekend when I woke up in time to try their breakfast menu.

Me and the man went back to Cuvee on Saturday for the first time since we moved from the Robertson/Doheny part of town and we were  pleasantly surprised to find that, not only have they updated their menu with some new great items, but they also now offer breakfast ALL day on the weekends. Yipee!

The breakfast items were great (I had the Huevos Rancheros - yum!) but it was the man's order, which came from the lunch menu, that I loved the most: the Mozzarella, Pesto, Tomato, and Prosciutto Sandwich on Sourdough. It is amazing. I think its the  balsamic vinegar that really makes this sandwich perfect but really everything about it I love. We both loved it so much we returned Sunday with friends to order it again! (I would have taken a picture to show you but we ate them too quickly... both days.)

This sandwich is also just the right amount of greasy to make you feel 100% after lunch and ready to start drinking again! 

(Can’t wait until you get home to tap the keg? Cuvee also sells a great selection of wines that you can purchase and drink right there at your table.) 

145 S. Robertson Blvd. 
(W. 3rd & S. Robertson Blvd.)
(310) 271-4333

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