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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

VDAY Dining Options Under $50/ Per Person

I will never understand the type of person who is willing to spend $150+ per person on a dinner that would normally cost them half that. How desperately are you trying to impress your dinner companion? Or if you’re the demander of such dinner – are you a gold digger? Yes, you must be. 

Valentine’s Day is a holiday in which nearly every restaurant in town forces a prix fixe menu down our throats and jacks up the price. While researching the numerous dining options available this weekend for lovas I was shocked to see even mediocre spots are partaking in this thievery. $64/per person at Daily Grill? $35/pp at Wokcano? You have to be kidding me.

Say you’re an unhappy couple who just doesn’t have the balls to call it quits – or maybe you’ve got a blind date – and you want to get nice and toasted at dinner to make it more tolerable. That’ll cost you another $20-$50/pp for wine pairings. What a joke.

But if you’re a shitty chef and you must go out for Vday here’s some options that won’t rape your wallet as badly as, say, Gordon Ramsay @ the London hotel will ($350/pp?!?!!??!?!?)

·      The Gorbals (Downtown): 4-Course Seasonal Menu (Including Wine!!!), $45/pp
·      BLVD 16 @ Hotel Palomar (Westwood), Prix Fixe $45/pp (Also serving regular menu)
·      BLD (Mid City): 3-Course Prix Fixe, $45/pp
·      Barefoot (Mid City): 3-Course Prix Fixe, $40/pp
·      Ciudad (Downtown), 4-Course Prix Fixe, $49/pp (With $5 wine pairings)
·      Akasha (Culver City): Serving Regular Menu + Food & Drink Specials
·      Beacon (Culver City): 4-Course Prix Fixe, $49/pp (Also serving regular a la carte menu)
·      Cube (Mid City): 3-Course Prix Fixe Fondue Dinner + Glass of Prosecco + Take home box of chocolates, $35/pp (SATURDAY ONLY!)

As always - please make sure to call in for reservations! 

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